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Dutch Warmblood by Hamlet

Such a beaut:(

Remember the equestrian rule of tumblr
you must always reblog hickstead when he appears on your dash



Hello all! So yesterday (Sept. 1st) I got my little monthly haul of Ariat stuff- discounts, special offers, etc. Included was this: 1 code for a free pair of Ariat breeches. So I got to thinking: I already have many many (because there’s no such thing as too many) breeches, soo why not do a little give away? So here we go! Grand-Prix’s first actually giveaway.
With this code, you can go to and choose from any breeches: Kids, Women’s, Men’s, any style, any size, and any price.
I’m going to lay some quick ground rules:
-Yeahhhh you must be following me :/ Sorry, hate to be that person. I will announce the winner on my blog so if you’re not following me to see, then I’ll have to pick another winner within 24 hours.
-Anyone from any country can win. I will message you the code.
-Reblogs only, spread the word, you can reblog it as much as you want.
-This giveaway is open as of today, Sept. 2nd 2014, and will close Sept 15th 2014, winner will be announced by midnight Sept 15th. The code expires on Sept 30th!
Here’s a link to see how this code works.
In short, you pick whatever breeches you want, enter the code, and they’re absolutely free. No shipping fees, no taxes. (Those particular breeches were about $210.00).
Woohoo! I hope people find this valuable. Ariat is a great brand and I highly recommend their breeches. Any questions about this giveaway or Ariat in general, feel free to send me a message!
*As original poster, I reserve the right to change or add any rules at any given time*

horse-pony-lover Omg. Haha! You reblogged this so many times already! It’s almost like you want to win it or something…. 

What?! Why would I want to win? Come on Avy, that’s silly. I merely reblogged 500 times to annoy all of my followers.


Drama going to the start as Arbritrageur flies into the air as jockey Johnny King mounts him on the course watched by groom Aidan Wall. Thankfully both horse and rider were fine and went on to finish seventh in the 4.45 at Laytown today

I don’t even understand this picture. That horse is completely vertical and like a good five feet off the ground. 

Alex Maracic in the Maclay
CHJA Finals Weekend 2014

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Shannondell Horse Show
Summer ‘14


This is great

That face

Ears <3